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Demonstration i oljemåleri

Maria With Braids, oljemålning av Scott Burdick.
Att måla en tavla i olja är inte bara att kludda på lite färg på duken. Det krävs mycket mer än så vilket Chicago-konstnären Scott Burdick lär ut på Oil Painting Demonstrations med ett flertal exempel.

I started with a few basic charcoal marks to place the head and make sure I had it approximately life-size. For this painting I didn’t draw out any of the features since the subject is simple enough that I can just paint and work out the details as I go. The main advantage of this approach is that it keeps you from painting up to lines and ending up with stale brushwork. To paint this way requires a great deal of drawing practice since you are basically thinking about your drawing and proportions with every brushstroke, rather than concentrating on drawing first and then painting next.

Fler goda råd från Scott Burdick här.

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