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Nettovärdet för USA:s presidenter

Den amerikanska tidskriften The Atlantic Monthly har granskat alla USA:s presidenters ekonomi och beräknat nettovärdet för var och en i nuvarande penningvärde. Man har tagit hänsyn till hårda tillgångar som mark och det beräknade sparandet som bygger på arbete historia, arv, hem, samt inkomsten från tjänster.

We analyzed presidential finances based on historical sources. Most media evaluations of the net worth of presidents have come up with a very wide range, a spread in which the highest figure was often several times the lowest estimate. Most sources provided no hard figures at all. Most of these efforts have focused largely on the analysis of recent chief executives. That is because it is much easier to calculate figures in a world where assets and incomes are a matter of public record.
    One of the most important conclusions of this analysis is that the presidency has little to do with wealth. Several brought huge net worths to the job. Many lost most of their fortunes after leaving office. Some never had any money at all.

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