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Där gatorna inte har några namn

Avfarten på I-70: No Name, Colorado. (Foto: Wikimedia Commons, cc.)

No Name Road kan man hitta i Yazoo City, Mississippi. Noname Avenue finns i Hackensack, Minnesota, och No Name Boulevard i Longmont, Colorado. I själva verket finns det gator uppkallade så över hela USA. Hur kom dessa gatunamn till? Det finns flera skäl, och varje plats har sin egen historia.

Located off of I-70, Colorado Department of Transportation officials decided that there needed to be an exit at mile marker 119. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a name at the ready, so a placeholder was created. Eventually, the “name” went up the chain of command and stuck, with “No Name” getting printed on exit signs. By then, the residents of what eventually became a resort town came to actually like “No Name” as a name, and here were are, talking about it here.

Läs berättelser om andra vägar utan namn på Atlas Obscura.
    Where Do the Streets Have No Name? Everywhere, in America.

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