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Katter med karaktärer

Varje katt har sin egen personlighet. (Foto: Rhiannon Buckle.)

Rhiannon Buckle är en engelsk fotograf från Bristol som specialiserat sig på att fota sällskapsdjur. För att förbättra sitt arbete, bjöd hon under en månad in en massa katter att hänga i sin studio och bli studerade. Hon berättar några saker hon har lärde sig:

Patience is definitely key with cats and not having high expectations that they will do what you want them too. As a pet photographer, it’s easy to get frustrated or deflated that you can’t capture the shots you have planned. A lot of work with animals is changing and adapting your shoot to what the animal needs and what will make them most relaxed.
    With this type of photography, I quickly learned that a lot of the shoot is about following the lead of the animal and embracing the unplanned moments. You can get some fun and quirky expressions when you catch the animal off guard.

Att katter har sin egen personligheter visar alla de underbara foton hon har tagit:
    BoredPanda: My 16 Pics Of Cats That I Took Professionally In My Studio To Show Their Characters.
    Instagram: rhiannonbuckle_petphotography.
    Rhiannon Buckle – fotografens hemsida.

Smakar fisk … (Foto: Rhiannon Buckle.)

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