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9000-årig bosättning från yngre stenåldern utgrävd i Jerusalem

Del av utgrävningsplatsen utanför Motza, cirka tre mil väster om Jerusalem.
(Foto: Gali Tibbon / AFP / AFP / Getty Images.)

En stor stenåldersbosättning har blivit utgrävd i Jerusalem. Denna stora bosättning, kan teoretiskt ha varit hem för omkring 2.000 till 3-000 personer, upptäcktes i Motza (5 kilometer från Jerusalem). Arkeolog och utgrävningschef Jacob Vardi delade några detaljer med CNN:

Believed to have been inhabited 9,000 years ago, the site has yielded thousands of tools andornaments, including arrowheads, figurines and jewelry. The findings also provide evidence of sophisticated urban planning and farming, which may force experts to rethink the region’s early history, said archeologists involved in the excavation.
    Archeologists have since found a large collection of buildings just below the ground’s surface. As well as private homes, the excavation revealed the remnants of public facilities and spaces used for rituals and burials.
    Describing the site as the largest of its kind “not just in Israel but in the Southern Levant,” Vardi said in a phone interview that the settlement would have been home to 2,000 and 3,000 people, adding: “In comparison to other settlements (from that time), it’s like a very big city.”

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